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Stories from the The Dory Shop

Seine Dory With A Cabin

As I mentioned earlier, we are starting work on another project - a Seine dory which will eventually have a cabin built on it with bunks and more.

The WoodenBoat Forum

I receive a lot of questions I personally, as the office lady, don’t have the knowledge to answer. So what do I do when people ask them?

Big Changes at the Dory Shop

I guess these changes won’t be noticed by many, but they are fairly big to the office!

What’s Going On at the Dory Shop

We’re settling into a rather chilly winter here in Lunenburg. And as seems to be the case around here, some things stay the same, but some are ever-changing.

Snow Day in Lunenburg

While keenly looking forward to sailing in the balmy South Pacific…Captain Moreland takes a moment to enjoy the winter here in Lunenburg.

Dory Course 2019

October is nearly over - and so is our 2019 Dory Building Class.

Bracing for a Storm

As Hurricane Dorian bears down on Nova Scotia, we here at the Dory Shop are battening down the hatches.

Kids Building Boats

In a peninsula like Nova Scotia it’s surprising how few kids have had experience on or in the ocean. Last weekend we were lucky enough to have been invited to be a part of changing that.

Dory Building Classes - 2019

I'm super excited to (finally!) announce the dates for the 2019 Autumn Dory Building Classes here in Lunenburg.

How to give a Concordia Yawl a Facelift 4

No one designs or builds a wooden boat expecting it to last sixty years. Yet of the 103 Concordias built about 60 years ago 102 of them are still around. And TOSCA is one of them and well worth getting a midlife overhaul to give decades to come. No wooden boat was really designed to come apart either. Builders doing their best to hold them together.

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