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The CALANOVA Chronicles Chapter 2 - Designing the Schooner

Now, it stands to reason that before a schooner, or any legendary sailing ship, like CALANOVA, or even a cathedral for that matter, can burst forth into the universe and set out on her legendary exploits or even simple existence, that make her legendary, it must be noted that first said vessel must be built. And further, by extension of that very logic, before a vessel is to get on with construction, starting with the selecting and felling of mighty oaks for keel and frames, or slender pines for plank and masts, to be worshipfully harvested to fashion this noble affirmation of the shipwright’s art, whether this vessel be the Swedish VASA, or HMS VICTORY, schooner-yacht AMERICA or the X-15, or Notre Dame on the Isle de Paris, or anything else beautiful, that either abides as we move about she, as in the form of a cathedral, or moves with grace through the ether, damp or dry, some designing needs to take place... (click on "read more" to read the full story).

The CALANOVA Chronicles Chapter 1 - Introducing the Amazing… Schooner CALANOVA sailing from Lunenburg…

The first story in a series about the famous Schooner CALANOVA sailing from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia! "Due to the beneficence of a private research grant tasked in researching the little known but important history significant to our Maritime world. Dedicated researchists have been combing the archives, digging deep, interviewing veterans and have been uncovering little known stories in the life of this legendary Nova Scotian schooner. In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing some of this rarified history for all to enjoy and marvel at. Watch this space."…Daniel D. Moreland Captain of Schooner Calanova.

Sibling duo row their Dory Shop dory from North Carolina to Florida

An incredible story was emailed to the Dory Shop's inbox this morning - a brother and sister duo, Evan and Ariana Alexay, are rowing their dory from North Carolina to Florida. The dory, named Cod, was built at the Dory Shop 21 years ago, and has some very cool customizations such as a removable canvas shelter. To read more about their story, check out the article that was written by Bernie Harberts and interviewed and photographed by Keith Smith in the "Town Dock" in Oriental, NC:

Winter in Da Burg

A proper old gale blew through a few nights here on the south west coast of Nova Scotia. Big howling noth’eastah (NOR’easter being a media driven misnomer) all through the night with heavy snow, big, big wet snow- 6-8”. Today its raining, pouring, on top of the dense wet snow, yay…roads were a gooey thick mess and everything was closed for a spell. As it all should be. Wet, raw and cold. And the power went out as was well expected. But we have split fire-wood stacked and the woodstove chuckling along here at my home in the 1760 Bailly House. Kerosene lamps cleaned and filled, wicks trimmed. Candlesticks fitted with wax tapers. It is a lovely old home and I LOVE the walking distance to anything that has my attention, like office, our wharf, our barque, the Dory Shop, the grocery store, a pub or two, post office etc.

Snowy weather in Lunenburg

We are having quite the snowstorm here in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia today! We wanted to share with you this photograph taken in front of the Picton Castle's Ship & Boat Chandlery, our next-door neighbours at the Dory Shop, when the storm was just beginning this morning.

January Blue Skies and Sunshine

It's a beautiful, sunny day here at the Dory Shop!

Christmas and New Years at the Dory Shop 2020

Things quieted down at the down at the Dory Shop over Christmas. Not surprising. Dories are waiting to be picked up by new owners. The might schooner CALANOVA has been hauled for the winter. Fire wood stacked nearby to get us through the winter. Westergaard Schooner all snug under her roof awaiting her new adventurous owner. The sweet 41’ Concordia Yawl TOSCA awaiting the finishing touches to have…

Lunenburg Dory Shop an authentic heritage business: Article in the Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia

Journalist Kathy Johnson writes about the Dory Shop and its deep roots in Nova Scotia heritage.

Small Boats Have Big Pull: Interview with Captain Daniel Moreland in National Fisherman Magazine

Captain Daniel Moreland talks about the dulse harvesters of Grand Manan and the Lunenburg Dories with journalist Paul Molyneaux.

Billy Campbell says farewell to detective Cardinal, dreams of sailing N.S. schooner: Article in Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia

Actor Billy Campbell talks journalist Stephen Cooke about his dreams of sailing the Martha Seabury, his 48ft wooden schooner built at the Dory Shop in Lunenburg, NS.

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