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The amazing schooner CALANOVA is as sweet as 26’ of schooner could possibly be. Here she is on her cradle at the Dory Shop getting ready for launching and then rigging and sailing by the Bosun School gang. An amazing and swift little vessel, she has much BLUENOSE DNA in her. As do so many of the West Indian Island trading schooners of the last century. CALANOVA would fit right in somewhere among the balmy sweet trade wind islands of the Lesser Antilles, between Tortola and Trinidad, although most likely with a raking sloop rig, instead of schooner rig, no doubt. She could be sailing from Petty Martinique bound for St Barts to take on a load of ‘smuggling goods’, as one did in the old days not soooo long ago. Next to her in among the Queen Anne’s Lace rests a neat little bateau called NO MONKEY…