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Sibling duo row their Dory Shop dory from North Carolina to Florida

An incredible story was emailed to the Dory Shop's inbox this morning - a brother and sister duo, Evan and Ariana Alexay, are rowing their dory from North Carolina to Florida. The dory, named Cod, was built at the Dory Shop 21 years ago, and has some very cool customizations such as a removable canvas shelter. 

Evan and Ariana have set up a sleeping platform under the canvas tent, to serve as bunk beds during their journey. The dory has a length overall of 23', making the traditionally measured dory bottom length 18'. Evan is the dory's third owner since 1999.

To read more about their story, check out the article that was written by Bernie Harberts and interviewed and photographed by Keith Smith in the "Town Dock" in Oriental, NC:

"Cod shows us that in a pandemic, with short money and winter coming on, sometimes all a dream needs to happen is a little yellow boat. That and some help from your younger sister."

- Bernie Harberts, Town Dock