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Stories from the The Dory Shop

Snowy weather in Lunenburg

We are having quite the snowstorm here in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia today! We wanted to share with you this photograph taken in front of the Picton Castle's Ship & Boat Chandlery, our next-door neighbours at the Dory Shop, when the storm was just beginning this morning.

January Blue Skies and Sunshine

It's a beautiful, sunny day here at the Dory Shop!

Christmas and New Years at the Dory Shop 2020

Things quieted down at the down at the Dory Shop over Christmas. Not surprising. Dories are waiting to be picked up by new owners. The might schooner CALANOVA has been hauled for the winter. Fire wood stacked nearby to get us through the winter. Westergaard Schooner all snug under her roof awaiting her new adventurous owner. The sweet 41’ Concordia Yawl TOSCA awaiting the finishing touches to have…