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Seine Dory With A Cabin

I recently posted a photo of a dory bottom on here. It's the beginnings of a new project we've started work on. We will be building a Seine dory (that's the 20' bottom) with a small cabin. 

The Seine Dory is the largest of the dories we build. Not to say a person couldn't build one larger, but our old wooden workshop simply cannot fit a dory any bigger inside. The length of her (25'9" overall) just fits nicely inside the ship with enough room to maneuver around her stem & stern. But the width? She is over 7' at her widest and over 5' tall. She's hard to get through the door.

Our plan for this one is to build her hull in the shop. Once that's completed we will be putting in a motor well, and then eventually moving her outside to complete the rest as they did in the old days - outside in all the weather. By then it will be spring, though, so at least we won't be worrying so much about the snow and ice that is plaguing us here in Nova Scotia at the moment. 

We'll pop a few more updates in here as the days go by, along with photos of her as she comes together. She'll be a beaut!

dory being built in lunenburg