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What’s Going On at the Dory Shop

You will remember Tosca, of course. We’ve had several stories on her. It’s a large project and coming together so beautifully. With the first layer of planks installed and sanded as smooth as silk (it was truly wonderful to run your hand over), she has now been tarred and the second layer of planks has started going on. This will go quicker, says Mike. She’s pretty, and I’ll feel a bit sad when she’s no longer in our yard, although I dare say Fitz & Trudy are more than ready to take her back out sailing again!

The next project, coming together between Tosca’s scarfed planks, is a Seine dory for a gent in New Brunswick. His dream is to have a traditional Seine dory with a small cabin on top, and that’s what we’re doing. The bottom has been put together, and this hull will slowly come together over the next month or so. Yet another gorgeous wooden boat heading out on the water. I can’t wait to see her!