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A Unique Dory Course: Build a 20’ Seine Dory

If you’ve been reading the stories and watching for news about our classes, you’ll already know that we keep the numbers limited – this is to ensure everyone taking part in the course has plenty of hands-on time with each step of the building project. There will be something different this time around though: the course will be a five week program. Five weeks! Did I mention the Seine is a very big dory?  A dory that size takes all the love and care and craftsmanship of our smaller dories, and much, much more. More of everything means each student will have that much more time to learn and take part. The skills being taught are the same skills Jay passes along to his students in our other programs, but this time around there will be much more depth to the learning. It truly is a unique opportunity to develop some serious dory building skills.

Dory course ShoesAs always, the course will be led by our master dory builder Jay Langford, who has over 30 years’ experience building many different types of boats. Better still, Jay has proven time and again to be a patient and gifted instructor.

On day one you will walk into a yard full of lumber, and from that pile Jay will show you which pieces to use and explain why; some pieces might look bad to the untrained eye, but you will learn what can be reliably corrected, and how to minimize waste when choosing your lumber. The pieces chosen today will become the planks of the Seine’s bottom.

As the days go by, Jay will take you through each step of crafting a beautiful Banks dory from planing planks, to wicking the seams; shaping and installing the stem and sternpost; and using our ready-made jigs – some of which date back to the days of the original Bluenose. Then you will move into planking, when Jay will take you through the steps of the lapstrake construction that makes our dories so beautiful.

Once fully planked, you’ll move onto the boat’s frames, which in dory lingo are called knees. At the Dory Shop our knees are normally made from naturally-grown timbers cut from the lower trunk and roots of hackmatack trees dug out of the swamps in the spring.This dory is so large, however, that the hackmatack roots just aren't large enough, and so Jay will be teaching you how to work around that by creating a strong and durable knee with oak.

Seine DoryThe course will finish with the construction and installation of the gunwales, caps, breastplate and thwarts. Once the nail tops are puttied the whole boat will be carefully primed and painted and made ready for the official dory builder initiation ceremony and dory launch.

The dory course is designed for people with basic woodworking skills. You need not be a cabinetmaker but it sure helps to know which end of a hammer to hold!

Tuition for this five week intensive course is $2,450 and includes all taxes, tools and materials, as well as breaktime snacks and lunches Monday to Friday of each week. 

Come and join us on Monday 3 November and start something incredible.

For more information or to sign up, please contact us.