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Sweet Swampscott for sale

This is a photo of a Swampscott dory, built in Nova Scotia, available from The Dory Shop

The Dory Shop’s been asked to help find a buyer for this sweet 17-foot Swampscott dory, built last year at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax.

While not built by us, the boat is well-constructed with a pine bottom, covered by a Locust sacrificial bottom. She is planked with ½” marine grade plywood with an oak transom, stem, risers and gunwales. Her internal framing is Douglas Fir over bent Oak frames. She has pine seats, copper and stainless steel fasteners and bronze oarlocks. She was finished with three coasts of West System epoxy, painted with Petit marine paint and given seven coats of Captain’s varnish.

The boat was gently used as part of a fundraising campaign that saw her rowed 150 nautical miles from the Maritime Museum to the mouth of the Lahave River and back along; a journey of nine days.  She performed very well and is in great shape.

For more information about the boat, including the asking price, please contact us.