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Dory class celebrates successful launch


Two very pleasant weeks with our latest dory  building class wrapped up Friday as the group launched the fruit of their labours, the HMLD NAK.

The what, you ask?

Well, as always, the dory built during the class is available for sale to one of the participants and in this case will find a new home in New Brunswick.

Her owner/co-builder, Stephen, requested the non-traditional, but very handsome colour scheme shown here and when I walked into the shop first thing Friday he was stencilling her new name in place.

Admittedly I too had to ask what it meant.

The Dory Shop

Stephen explained that NAK comes from the first initials of his children: Nadia, Austen and Keagan. As for HMLD, the vessels of the Canadian Navy are HMS for Her Majesty’s Shop. Well, this is Her Majesty’s Lunenburg Dory!

As always we had a little initiation ceremony Friday afternoon before the boat’s launch. Then it was all four of them into the boat for the inaugeral row, followed by solo trips for a number of them, including the Jedi Master, Jay. He declared her a job well done.

The Dory Shop

Sincere congratulations to all four gentlemen, and thanks for a great two weeks!

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