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Backwards compliment

So I just got an email from the Barque Picton Castle, still in the Caribbean, currently en route to The Saints from Antigua where crew members participated in last weekend’s Antigua Classic Sailing Regatta.

Not being a racing sort (the ship’s motto is We may be slow but we get around), the Picton Castle sat at anchor for the weekend while crew members signed aboard a host of beautiful schooners that needed extra hands. Those crew who weren’t otherwise engaged took the ship’s newly refurbished dory out sailing a number of times.

Capt. Moreland writes, “They were getting heaps of attention and cheers and people taking pictures, because it was quite a sight and pretty cool. But there was one lady standing in the crowd watching who looked like she was angry or something. Then she blurts out and seemed to mean it, ’I just spent $13 million on my boat and THEY are getting all the attention!’ Needless to say, this became the quote of the day.”

Thanks for the great story guys! We know dories are where it’s at!

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