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Lunenburg's Newest Chandlery

Lunenburg is arguably one of the best little seaside towns a mariner could want to visit. This quaint little town that is a tourist mecca from June to October, has stolen the hearts of mony’a sailor who have come to the town either by boat or by chance and have simply never left - or if they do manage to leave, they yearn to return.

The Town has a strong foothold in Canada’s seafaring history and as such her beautiful harbour is the Canadian home of three tall ship operations (Picton Castle, Class Afloat and of course Bluenose II) and also home of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic’s Theresa E. Connor, one of the last wooden fishing schooners to fish out of these waters and still a sight to behold.

Lunenburg has most anything a seafarer might want, from the Lunenburg Foundry capable of drydocking ships far larger than your average schooner, to boat builders & repairers, machine shops, welders, yacht supplies, sailmakers, the Dory Shop, a well-stocked hardware store, several award-winning restaurants and a few good watering holes to boot. The only thing missing was a traditional ship’s chandlery. We talked about it for so long. Years. It was talked about for years before I ever joined this team and that was around 6 years ago. I’d say this chandlery is well overdue.

But overdue or not, we are here now and that’s what is most important. Our “soft opening” on the day of the September Classic 2018 schooner races was quiet but well-received. Over the autumn we will continue to stock our shelves with unique items necessary to mariners and non-mariners alike. From palms and sailmaking supplies, to pinetar, pinetar soaps, marlinspikes, rope, oakum, all the little thingamajigs and doodads I have yet to learn the names of and the things I’ve forgotten to list.

I hope you come and see us and check us out - say hello and tell us what we’re missing. Why? We want to be the best little Chandlery in Lunenburg .. no, Nova Scotia ...heck let’s just put it out there: in all the world.

If you would like to see what we have in store at the moment, please call (902-634-9984) or email us with a request to set up an appointment
You can also click here to shop at our online store.

Lunenburg Chandlery storefront at 174 Bluenose DriveNew chandlery for marine hardware and boat supplies