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How to give a Concordia Yawl a Facelift 1

If you read our stories on this rebuild, you’ll know I had a three-part Concordia story planned: the history of the vessels in general, the arrival of one in our yard, the departure of her from our yard (once that happens).  The story of this project deserves far more than that. The transformation has been quite lovely to watch – if you, like me, think wooden boats are lovely things.  We will still have a nice big to-do when Tosca leaves us, but over the next several weeks, a pictorial journal will be the way to go. I’ll take you, step-by-step, through the different parts of the project. Few words – I’ll let the photos do most of the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you don’t need my verbiage messing with their flow! 

The best way to start would be with the arrival of Tosca. The first thing to do was to build a house around her after she landed at the Dory Shop. Wooden frame for strength, wrapped in plastic to keep out the wet. It went up quickly and with only a few minute alterations over the months to allow for large items to be removed from and returned to the lovely Tosca – things like the ballast keel and the wooden keel.

The building was designed by our last dory builder, Bub. He did a great job designing and putting this together. Next year we expect to use our 6‘ x 25’ covered building bay in our nearby warehouse for our next large project. It has an overhead crane track and adjacent carpentry shop where it was used to fit out wooden fishing vessels not all that long ago. But for Tosca this building has been great.
Dory Shop Yard Concordia Yawl