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Build A Dory This October!

Once again, six lucky people are a mere month away from starting an entertaining, educational and sometimes challenging two weeks learning to build a dory in our 100-year-old Dory Shop. 

This year we are lucky enough to have the Barque Picton Castle at her wharf next to the Dory Shop. You'll no doubt have an opportunity to speak with several of the crew as they come and go from our workshop - perhaps going upstairs to start work sewing sails for the ship or get some small boat repair advice from Bub as the ship & crew complete Bosun School and get ready to depart on the ship's next voyage.

Join us on a crisp October morning at 9:00 (give Bub enough time to get there and get the fire started!) and he'll introduce you to a nice pile of lumber. Over the next two weeks you'll take that lumber from live edge planks to a finished dory you will take for a spin around Lunenburg Harbour. Bub will teach you the skills you need to build a dory, explain which shortcuts to take and which to avoid, and he'll take you back through history telling you tales of former builders, rowers and ships that have used dories. He's as entertaining as he is skilled, and you're bound to come away with a smile of your face and a burning desire to build a dory in your back yard when you get home!

Send me an email if you have questions or would like to take part!

Build a dory in Lunenburg