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Spring Has Arrived at the Dory Shop!

Finally (finally!) winter seems to be retreating to the Southern Hemisphere and spring is slowly creeping into Lunenburg: the spring peepers are out in full force and the snow is gone apart from a few former snow mountains that are now wee mounds in shady spots about town.

Dory Shop in the snowDory Shop in the spring


We haven’t yet officially opened our doors here at the Dory Shop, but we seem to be busy none-the-less. We had a group of Historical
Preservation and Geotourism students from Eastern Michigan University come by for a fantastic afternoon with Jay, who was on fire with his history, jokes and chitchat (yes, chitchat). Bub popped in as well and the group split in two, everyone asking hundreds of fantastic questions and listening intently to the answers – even taking notes. It’s just incredible to be around people who are so enthusiastic about learning. After speaking over an hour in the workshop, they went to workshop #2 where Bub holds court, and they had a look at some of his handiwork (– he makes beautiful wooden chopping boards, well worth a look if you happen to be in the area). After that we headed up to the office so they could see one of Jay’s paintings – you have all seen the beautiful works of art Jay builds that are rowed in waters all over Canada, the US and as far away as Hong Kong, but have you seen his paintings? When you stand in front of one of Jay’s paintings you can practically taste the ocean on your lips and feel the salty breeze in your hair. He is an interesting character, our Jay, and few out there are as talented as he.

Picton Castle comes homeThere are only two weeks until our Spring Dory Building Course begins, and we still have two spots available. Join Jay and up to five other students and have a blast learning how to build a dory. Mid-way through this course the barque Picton Castle will be returning home to Lunenburg, finishing up her 6th world voyage – and what a party we have here in Lunenburg when that stunning tall ship comes home to us. Come to Lunenburg, come to the Dory Shop. Be a part of it all.

Email me for more information or give me an old fashioned phone call. I love to chat!