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A little sailing dory

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So the little Black Rocks sailing dory that we had planned to take to the WoodenBoat Show – but then, receiving an order for a rowing dory, took that instead – is finished.

As you can see, it’s a sweet little boat with a simple lug sail rig. Perfect for a beginner sailer as the boat provides a very safe and stable platform from which to learn. Plus a dory of this size is easily rowed by a child as young as nine or 10 but can still hold a few people (her capacity is over 1000 lbs.!).

The Dory Shop

We’ve had lots of comments and ‘likes’ on our Facebook page after posting this next photo, of Capt. Dan and Jay supposedly arguing over the sail rig. Do not worry! It was all for fun. Or as we said on Facebook, ‘no sea captains or dory builders were injured.’

The Dory Shop

Jay is now making the frames for two rowing prams he is building. He doesn’t have the fire on, though it’s damp and cold and entirely un-summerlike at the moment. The forecast is better for the weekend when we expect schooner builder Dave to bring Sea Change up the coast and into the harbour in advance of next weekend’s Lunenburg WoodenBoat Reunion and Regatta. Check out

If you are in the area, do drop by as there will be lots to see and do as we celebrate Lunenburg’s boatbuilding heritage July 23-24 with special events including visits to the Bluenose II rebuild and tours here at The Dory Shop and Boatyard. The wharves and vessels of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, as well as the wharves of Adams and Knickle Ltd. and the Barque Picton Castle, will be open to the public and filled with local wooden boatbuilders displaying their work and with demonstrations of skills like sailmaking, oar leathering and splicing. There will be hands-on opportunities to throw a heaving line, raise a mast, launch a mini-schooner. There are schooner and sloop races, small boat events, including a race of three boats equipped with one-lunger engines on Sunday. And there will be lots of musical entertainment including a finale concert featuring Lennie Gallant.

Hope to see you there!

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