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Our day at camp

It’s not too often that The Dory Shop gang take a road trip together but that’s just what we did yesterday, driving inland from Lunenburg, across the middle of Nova Scotia and then North to the Northumberland Strait and specifically, the Tim Horton Children’s Camp at Tatamagouche.

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We made the trip to assist with the launch of the camp’s new Fortune Bay sailing dory, affectionately known as Timbit (Tim Horton’s being Canada’s number one purveyor of coffee and donuts; and Timbits being the delicious donut holes), and also orient camp staff to their new boat.

The Tim Horton’s Camp is amazing – Bub and I wanted to stay! – and their staff were keen to learn about their lovely new boat. Unfortunately, it was blowing half a gale when we arrived, which is definitely less than ideal for an orientation sail. But Jay and Bub reefed the sail (a valuable lesson in itself!) and the camp counsellors bravely took up the oars for a hard row, directly into the wind, to get the boat out from behind the camp’s breakwater.

The Dory Shop

Once out in the bay, it was hoist the sail and they were off! Between the wind and the swell, it was a bit of a rocky ride – lots of spray over Bub up in the bow! – but the boat and crew performed admirably. After all, ‘she’s a daary b’y.’

Back at dockside, there were more questions and lessons about how to furl and store her sails. Then we had a tour of this amazing property before crawling back in the car for a three-hour ride home.

All in all, it was a great day in the same way that this has been a great project for us.  The camp’s management ordered the dory as part of efforts to ensure a genuine Maritime experience for their campers – many of whom come from other parts of Canada and the United States. We can’t think of a better, more authentic and fun way for a child to experience summer in Nova Scotia than on the water in a hand-crafted, traditional boat.

Our very best wishes to all of the staff and campers. May you have the very best of times in your new boat!

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