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Finishing the camp dory


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A technical issue on the Underway section of  The Dory Shop website prevented us from posting photos in a timely way as we built this lovely big Fortune Bay sailing dory for the Tim Horton’s Camp at Tatamagouche this spring.

We knew for a while that we had to upgrade the way we present this feature. The old system didn’t have a means of tagging entries for cross reference; so if you were interested in Handline dories, for instance, you had to search through the ever-growing list of posts with only the titles to help you (and most of these don’t identify the style of boat).

This new blog addresses those concerns and once Dory Plug gets used to the new system, it should make things easier to post as well.

In the meantime, here are some photos from construction of the camp dory. Jay’s just finished the spars and is currently giving her a final coat of paint.

Dory Plug
The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada