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You’re invited to a Shutter Plank party!

Who says all the fun ends with Old Christmas?

Not here at The Dory Shop, where we’re busy planning a special celebration to mark a major milestone in the building of the twin schooners.

On Saturday, January 21, our builders will install the final plank in the hulls of these 48-foot beauties. Known as the Shutter Plank, or Whiskey Plank, it’s an occasion that is traditionally marked by the captain or builders pouring a tot of their favourite drink over the plank. Once the plank is put on, the hull can then be treated, caulked and painted, and work can begin on the inner fixtures of the boat. Or boats in our case!

The public is cordially invited to join us in the boatyard at 2 p.m. for this festive occasion and some authentic Maritime fun. The storm date is January 22.

As an added bonus, there should be a half-built Banks dory, made by participants in the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders’ Association-sponsored Employment Preparation Program, in Plant 1 (half built as they will be mid-way through a two-week course with Jay).

Hope to see you at the party!

Dory Plug and the gang