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Praise for dory building course

It’s a little over a month until the start of The Dory Shop’s fall dory building course and spaces are still available. I could give you the ‘hard sell,’ telling you all about how great the course is, and of course Lunenburg is spectacular in the fall. However, I’d prefer to pass along some comments from past participants instead. Here goes:

Dale from Lousiana said, “The program was excellent—instruction was good—-food fabulous—everyone was helpful and friendly—it was worth every penny to attend the class. Lunenburg was beautiful—in fact, we still miss it. I am now in the process of building my boat.”

Russell from Nova Scotia wrote, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys in Lunenburg. You were all very hospitable and I felt as though I was one of the locals. Since my boating background was quite limited the information that I took in was not limited to just the construction of the dory, but I also picked up some knowledge of sailing and wooden boats in general….If you are talking to Bob and Rosanna let them know that they have set new standards for lunch that I can not compete with. When I open my brown bag and there is no quiche inside I become quite depressed.”

And Herb from Washingston State told us, “This is not the first wooden boat building class I have attended….but it is the first time I have come away feeling I could build a boat….[Since arriving back home] I’ve accomplished more in the past couple weeks than I have in the past 7 years…and I am having fun. The things I learned at The Dory Shop have enabled me to get on with my [boat project]. Jay’s adage ‘If you screw it up, you can fix it’…certainly allows one to steam ahead!”

Thanks for all the kind words fellas! And to you out there reading, why not join us?

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