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New year, new boat!

Just before the big storm that heralded the start of 2010, we received a delivery of nice, new dory lumber from our excellent suppliers at Bruhm’s Mill in Cornwall.

We’ve said before how fortune we are to have such great, long-standing suppliers of our key materials, and Chris Bruhm is no exception. His family has been supplying our bottom and plank stock for many, many years.

Thankfully, we had time to get the lumber inside and properly stacked and stickered before the storm as the snow banks have receded very little in the near-week since then.

Jay now has plenty of lumber for his first project of the new year – a Seine dory for motor and sail. The bottom of this boat is well underway and it’s easy to see she’s going to fill the shop front to back!

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The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada