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Back to his radio

After weeks of ‘company’ in the shop, what with our fall dory building course, followed by a second course for students of the Picton Castle Bosun School, Jay is once again back to building boats solo. He tells me that suits him just fine for the moment. He’s got the first plank on a new Black Rocks dory, his radio is tuned to the CBC (as always!) and there are enough people dropping by to break up his days.

Meanwhile, out in the boatyard, shipwright Dave Westergaard has begun preparations for construction of two 48-foot schooners that are being built by another company headed by Capt. Moreland. Dave has built and designed several exquisite and extremely fast schooners and sloops in this size range and has been featured in Wooden Boat Magazine. Most significant to this project are his fast-as-a-witch Tancook Whaler, the Schooner Sun of a Gun, the stunning Schooner Sea Change, as well as the recently launched Schooner Kitty Cochrane.Plans for a big keel laying ceremony are currently in the works. Details to come!

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The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada