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Dory racing action

Saturday, September 12 was an extraordinarily busy day on the Lunenburg waterfront, what with the International Dory Races, the launching of the schooner Kitty Cochran at the Dory Shop, and all of the other events of the Lunenburg Waterfront Seafood Festival.

Because of the launch, we weren’t able to take in as much of the international races as we would have liked – though we enjoyed watching Gloucester’s Tom Jarvis tear up the floor dancing at the Dory Shop Saturday night!

We did get to see the afternoon Charity Challenge, in support of South Shore Health. The event came down to a final between teams from the schooner Bluenose II and the Barque Picton Castle. The Picton Castle team of Kyle Westergaard and Ollie Stiler-Cote took the event, beating Bluenose‘s Keith Hancock and Corey Heffernan. They then brought their trophy back to the Dory Shop (it was Kyle’s dad Dave who built the schooner Kitty Cochran) for celebrations that carried on well into the night.

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada