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Baby dory

In a sense, all of the boats Jay builds here at The Dory Shop are ’his babies.’ But the little one he’s working on just now really is a baby dory, or what we call a Morning Glory.

At just 7 feet overall, a Morning Glory isn’t really a boat. While clinker-built using solid pine planks and hot-dipped galvanized clinch nails just like all of our dories, this one is simply too small to take a load.

Where the Morning Glory is popular is with retail and restaurant enterprises, which like them for nautical flair and the fact that the dory shape is so recognizable for their customers. They also make a first-rate party cooler for the cottage or boathouse. Just fill with ice and your favorite beverage, then when the party’s over, pull the plug to drain her down!

On another note, we do have a 17-foot Handline dory that we built on spec between orders last fall that would make a great gift for some dory-lover out there. We’re happy to assist with shipping arrangements. For more information about our ready-to-go boats, click here.

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The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada