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Fully loaded

Jay always says that no two dories are exactly alike, and I’m often commenting that it’s rare a dory doesn’t have some sort of customization for the customer. This can be as simple as adding a stern seat or a motor well, a particular paint job or a sailing rig. Some clients ordering larger dories have wanted spray hoods or partial cabins. Sail maker Jill once crafted an entire tent to fit overtop a client’s dory for camping excursions. When finished, it resembled a sort of water-based pop-up trailer.

Our latest dory, a Fortune Bay bound for Massachusetts, features a number of dory add-ons including a pull-up motor well, bow and stern seats with lockers, and a false sole (basically a deck overtop the dory bottom). She’s also fitted with an electric pump to look after any water that needs bailing.

She’s a big girl at 22 feet overall and has attracted many compliments as Jay put the final touches aboard in the boatyard.

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada