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Busy with visitors

Despite gorgeous weather early in July, it’s only been these past couple of weeks that the tourists have truly descended upon the South Shore and boy, is it busy!

There were lots of folks out to last weekend’s Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival in spite of the rain and a goodly number who attended our annual shop tour. Then this weekend is the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, so the waterfront here will be alive with music and people.

The result of all of this is a lot of visitors to our little shop at the end of Bluenose Drive.

We have an open door policy at The Dory Shop, in part because Jay needs the air. HA! More seriously, he generally doesn’t mind telling people about the boats he’s working on, so long as he can continue building.

Today he’s putting the gunwales on this latest Fortune Bay dory.

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The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada