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More good Fortune

Jay is busy planking a second Fortune Bay dory, this one bound for Massachusetts. It’s going to be another big, beautiful boat but in no way will she be a carbon copy of the last one.

Aside from a few different customizations from the client, and even though Jay set this boat up using the very same jigs and moulds, not even moved since the last dory, we can already see that this one will have ever so slightly different lines.

It’s what makes this work so interesting, says Jay, as no two boats are exactly alike.

On a humorous note, a new survey of Canadian Boaters suggests they are more likely to “feel ship-shape about their sex lives than non-boaters.”

Commissioned by the National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada, the nation-wide survey claims that “almost two in three, or 63 per cent of boaters reported satisfaction with their sex lives compared to 54 of landlubbers.” Those who had never been on a boat reported the least satisfaction, while those who went boating 10 or more times a year were the most satisfied.

Finally, a “significant number” of boaters surveyed revealed that they would rather make love on a boat than go sight-seeing. I’m thinking they may own something bigger than a handline dory.

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