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The Gloucester Dory Races

 It was 56 years ago that a boast in a bar led to the first International Dory Race between fishermen from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and our sister city of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Last weekend, the tradition continued with action alongside the State Fish Pier in Gloucester Harbour.

The American dories led the day as you’ll see from the race results below. But that’s all right. We get another crack at them this September at Lunenburg!

The dory races are an awesome event. The skill required to row a double dory, the practice to be in sync with your partner, to navigate those pesky turns at the buoy where many a race is won or lost, makes for a truly competitive event. Yet it’s the camaraderie between the rowers and indeed, our two towns that is the real attraction for me.

I have to admit I have a very warm spot for Gloucester. From my first visit as a high schooler, to my most recent visit for the 50th anniversary of the Dory Races in 2002, I have always felt very at home there, as though Gloucester possesses the very best of what I love about Lunenburg. The fact that an independent fishery still thrives there even makes me a tad jealous.

I recently learned that one of our dories is currently moored at a spot on Rocky Neck and that delights me to no end. Congrats to all the rowers and see you at Lunenburg September 13!

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Race results (winners in bold)

Senior, one-mile course
Eric Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington, U.S. 9.56
Wylie Blades and Donny Mahanney, Canada 10.11

Over 40, half-mile course
Marc Duval and Joe Sanfillippo, U.S. 6:01
Kenny McDonald and Tim Mair, Canada 6:10

Women’s, half-mile course
Nicole and Natalie Jones, Canada 6:15
Kathryn Richmond and Laurie Flemming, U.S. 6:19