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The pungent scent of pine tar

Jay’s still hard at work on that big beautiful Fortune Bay dory. All of the naturally grown knees – the distinguishing feature of a Lunenburg dory! – are now in, the gunwales and caps are in place and he’s coated these and the interior planking with pine tar.

Pine tar isn’t standard on our dories – this was at the client’s spec – but it is a fabulous marine preservative that also highlights the grain in pine very handsomely. It’s also rather fragrant, or outright smelly depending on your sensibilities. In fact, the label on our own Dawson Moreland Rigging Tar states it’s “Ideal for slushing rigging, mixing with deck oil, use as a natural wood preservative, offending undesirable persons, and as a nature aphrodisiac scent.” I’m really not sure about the latter.

Maybe I should ask Jay as I know his Martha is a big fan of pine tar shampoo (which actually smells quite pleasant!)

Jay’s now working to build and install the centerboard as this boat is to be outfitted for sail and motor before she’s all finished early next week.

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada