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Launching the semi-dory

Remember that skiff Jay was working on months ago? Well, at a certain point we had to put it aside to build the dories for the movie production and then we had an order for a Grand Manan dulse dory that had to be ready May 1. However, the skiff, technically a 19.5 foot semi dory similar to the one featured in John Gardner’s The Dory Book, also had a deadline. She had to be ready for the departure of our neighbourhood tall ship, the Picton Castle. She’s slated to cast off on a 12-month voyage around the Atlantic Ocean this week and for the last few days crew members have been painting the new skiff even as Jay completed the finishing touches.

Yesterday afternoon, it was finally time for the launch. It’s always easier to launch boats when the Picton Castle is around, as the crew is always willing to lend a hand. In this case, there were 18 pairs of hands happily carrying this handsome, heavy-built boat down to the shore alongside the shop. Third mate Paul Bracken rowed her away from the shore so Chief Mate Michael Moreland could start her 15hp outboard and the pair then brought her out around the Lunenburg Government Wharf and alongside the Picton Castle, which is docked just west of us.

The semi-dory will be used as the Picton Castle’s ship to shore launch. At her size, she can carry a big group of people and a ton of supplies. The boat joins the ship’s 16-foot bottom Fishmaker dory and 10-foot painting skiff, both built at The Dory Shop.

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