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True dorymates

Greg and Laurie came into the shop to buy some new tholepins in early October and, after talking to them, I’m not surprised they needed replacements. Their old ones are well worn! The Massachusetts couple bought their Lunenburg Dory from the shop four years ago and have rowed together for recreation and competition ever since. They participate annually in the Blackburn Challenge, a 22-mile, open water race around Cape Ann. And they’re fast – their best-ever result was third place. While many different styles of boats can be rowed in this particular race, Greg and Laurie are one of about 10 teams still racing true dories. Even after all those sea miles Greg proudly announces their 12′ bottom dory “doesn’t leak a drop.”

Greg and Laurie set out on their longest trip, a 26-mile row from Green Harbor in Marshfield, MA to McMillan Wharf in Provincetown, very early on the morning of June 30 this year. The conditions were favourable; the wind blowing out of the SW at 5 to 15 knots. They had been training for this personal challenge for a while, and were eager to get started. They rowed almost continuously, stopping only occasionally for water and food breaks. David DeCastro, their chase boat captain who generously donated his time to support Greg and Laurie on their challenge, announced the halfway point and they took a rest at the oars. Greg had decided that midway through this particular journey he would truly make it a partnership and proposed to Laurie. She accepted, and they completed the remaining 13 miles together.

The happy couple was married September 29 and spent their honeymoon in Lunenburg, seeing the sights and visiting the shop where the boat that brought them together was made.

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