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Building a boat yard

In addition to building dories, other fine wooden boats and repairing sundry craft dragged into our yard, Capt. Dan aims to turn the Dory Shop into a full-service boat yard, taking care of the fine wooden craft in our area, as well as the many that sail in from around Nova Scotia and New England. We have upwards of 100 beautiful Tancook schooners and similar vessels hereabouts that will be made welcome at The Dory Shop Boatyard. Besides slipping wooden boats, we will also be able to haul local lobster boats, wooden or otherwise.

A special feature of the new Dory Shop Boatyard is the ability to do your own work on your own boat. You can even bring in your favorite, trusted boat carpenter to help you. Of course, we also have our own excellent boat carpenters, on hand to assist you or take a project off your hands. But we think the opportunity for boat owners, and lovers, to share a yarn, a tool or an idea as they work side-by-side on their vessels is an immensely valuable thing. Our yard is also just steps from virtually every marine service you would need, including Bill Baron’s machine shop and Pete Tanner’s welding shop. There are several top-notch sail lofts here in town – two a very short walk away. A two-minute walk also takes you to an outboard motor supply shop, while just around the corner is the new grocery store for easy provisioning.

Right now we are building an inventory of supplies from fine timbers to fastenings, pine tar to tools. We can get anything you might want or could possibly need for your boat: anchors, rope, marlin, tar, oars and oarlocks, caulking irons and mallets, oakum or cotton, a new bronze casting, a new pine lower mast, life jackets – you name it!

Just recently, we overhauled our slipway. It’s in nice shape again. At present, the sailboat Annie Laurie is hauled out there getting a new stem.

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The Dory Shop
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada