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Customization and tradition – our latest dory

We’ve fallen down a bit lately on our goal to share pictures and anecdotes on the projects we have going in the Dory Shop. And that’s a shame as our latest dory is a great example of a boat that’s faithful to tradition but also customized to the client.

The boat in question is a 13-foot bottom handline dory. It’s the traditional size for a single rower in the days when dories were still used in the offshore fishery and is capable of carrying 1700 lbs. of fish and gear. Our client wants to row the dory, sometimes alone and sometimes with his wife at a second set of oars, and he really appreciates the heritage of these boats, the traditional lines, color scheme and features. But of course, he also wants the boat to be functional for his usage. In this case, that included a stern seat from which his wife could enjoy a comfortable view when not at the oars, but unlike clients who go for the admittedly handy built-in stern seat and its under seat storage locker, he wanted something that could be removed when not in use and so be consistent with the aesthetic of these boats. So Jay put on his thinking cap (looks a lot like a ball cap but dustier) and designed something that fits the bill perfectly. It’s a small but good example of our commitment to satisfying each client’s needs, and a very handsome boat to boot!

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada